New tools for facilities

On the 21st, we'll release three key changes to give managers more control over their operations.

  1. Some operations are outgrowing columns and shelves that max out at 99. This has been lifted to 999 in each category, but old-school location numbering with 2 digits in every character bank will still work as expected.
Extra columns for extended aisles, and more granular shelves for super-dense storage.
  1. We added a Warehouse Feature that controls whether Staff users can make Batches. This was on by default. Contact your favorite Whiplash admin if you'd like to limit Batching privileges to Managers. Facilities with smaller teams will still be able to create Batches the same way without making any changes.
  2. Facility employees can no longer Replace Orders—this almost never happened, but was easy enough to click by mistake. That button will no longer be in the way.

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