New Integration: Stitch Labs

Our newest integration, Stitch Labs, has been a crowd-pleaser out of the gate. Long-anticipated, the Stitch Labs <> Whiplash integration opens up a myriad of options for multi-channel selling.

Stitch Labs = Multi-channel Selling

Stitch Labs integration with Whiplash graphic

With a Stitch labs layer on top of the Whiplash Network, you now have access to over 35 integrations, including EDI connections and marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay. As shown in the diagram above, Stitch Labs sits in between the various platforms. As orders come in, they are routed to Whiplash. Meanwhile, Stitch Labs is communicating real-time stock levels across all channels.

Increasingly, online retailers want be able to reach customers regardless of where they reside. With a Whiplash and Stitch Labs pairing, this is now possible.

Currently this requires a manual install from one of our techs, so if you have a Stitch Labs Account you'd like to connect, drop us a line.

Tell us what platforms you want to see us integrate with next, here.

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