Introducing Templates

Starting May 12, your nav bar will be sporting a new option.

Incremental improvement has been fun, but it's time to announce something a bit more exciting: Templates!

We've always allowed customers to change their Packing Slips and Email Confirmations in Preferences, but with just one template. Now, you can create as many as your want—and deploy them at will with Rules.

For example, let's say we want a different template for packing slips sent to influencers from our merch shop. We'll create a copy of the "Custom default" template, and make changes from there.

Finishing touches...

Then, we just need to create a Routing Rule to point at the new Packing Slip Template. We'll add a prefix to our orders when we manually create them for Influencers, so that's what we'll listen for. Note: this Rule Action is currently Admin-only so we can keep a close eye on initial usage. Reach out if you could use help setting up a rule!

Old-school users will note that the Rules interface has come a long way.

That's it! INF- orders will now feature a brand new template.

Right now, this means support for things like:

  • branding for multiple Shops on your account
  • easy retailer drop-ship compliance
  • sensible wholesale packing lists

In the near future, it will make waves in our wholesale world with BoLs and support carton contents labels for EDI. Keep an eye on our release notes.

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