Imports, Exports, and Saved Docs!

Many times at Whiplash we have our heads down, intently focused on operations or building out new functionality that will improve the lives of our customers. New features will bubble to the surface of the user-interface and we'd go chugging along without so much as a peep. No longer.

Moving forward, we'll be making a concerted effort to publicize these features so that you can best take advantage of new tools at your disposal.

Enter Imports, Exports and Saved Docs!

While not the most revolutionary title or feature set we've ever rolled out, we've added some nice functionality around these elements that we think you'll like—and I'll outline below:


Previously inventory exports were limited to a snapshot of inventory levels at the moment of the download - i.e. what are my inventory counts right now? While useful, many times you want to reconcile books at the end of the month or quarter and need to know what the inventory was on a specific date. Now you can.

Screenshot of date picker on CSV download
Screenshot of download CSV button
Item Export can be found by navigating to Inventory > Browse in your main menu—then clicking Download CSV.


There are points when you might need to import a batch of orders outside your traditional e-commerce integration - perhaps you've just completed a Kickstarter campaign or have a list of shipments related to a promo.

To Import orders via CSV, you'd navigate to Orders > Import CSV

Screenshot of past import list
For greater context/transparency, imports now have links to the orders related to each import.

Saved Docs

You now have a filterable record of all docs you've uploaded or downloaded. For imports, there are even links to the orders the doc created.

Screenshot of saved docs list
To access your documents, navigate to Customers > Documents

That's it for now! Questions or concerns? Hit us at support@getwhiplash.com.

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