Damaged Inventory management

Understand how much inventory is damaged, and order it from the facility.

Customer Dashboards

High-level account views are now visible to all customers.

Changes to "Available" and "Process Orders"

A bug fix, and some terminology fine-tuning.

Introducing Templates

Useful infrastructure for everything from wholesale to dropshipping.

New tools for facilities

More flexible Locations, and tuned Staff permissions.

Whiplash status

Our operational status amid the COVID-19 crisis

Emergency carrier actions

COVID-19 impacts on shipping, and how we'll handle them.

COVID-19 recommendations

Here's the latest on how the new coronavirus may affect our business.

How to handle delayed shipments

Whiplash can help you get delayed shipments back in control.

Shopify Order editing support

We're researching the best way to support Shopify's new feature.

Upcoming releases & 2020 plans

Our plans for the future are shaping up.

2019 Holiday Preparation

Help us help you: with projections and sale dates, we can plan the best Q4 ever.

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