The future of retail is...retail?

Written by

Beth Owens


August 16, 2018


This theme might sound familiar.  Casper, a pioneer DNVB in the mattress space plans to open up 200 new brick-and-mortar stores in the next three years.  This a trend that we’ve noted in other categories and seems to be driven by some common threads:  rising online acquisition costs, excess retail capacity, and a desire to craft unique brand experiences that drive the e-com engine.  A couple deep dives on the movement in general here and here.


Walmart slowly backs away from it’s dubious last-mile pilot program requiring employees to deliver packages to online-purchasers on their way home from work.  **cringe-face**

Speaking of using *ahem*, leveraging your talent, Digiday outlines the rise of employee influencer marketing.  What could go wrong?


Digiday Retail Forum | 8/23/18 | New York, NY

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