Rampant 🚚 Uberization

Written by

Beth Owens


November 2, 2018


San Francisco will be the next pilot city for autonomous last-mile parcel delivery by 2-foot tall robots from Starship. Berkeley startup Kiwi’s plucky representatives have been dodging knees to deliver food to UC students for a few months, but Starship takes a different angle aimed at security. Their solution prevents package theft by accepting packages from carriers on your behalf, then meeting you to make the handoff.


Tech companies are diving headfirst into the empty container problem, attempting to more intelligently get containers where they need to be in advance to ease congestion. It’s an open question whether container sharing will replace a storage problem with a traffic problem as ride sharing has. Is any industry safe from the Uber model?


Competition is reaching new heights in the recently crowded streetwear space, as luxury brands are forced to contend with one another—as well as sports brands—at a traditionally lower price point.

“The consumer is not loyal,” said Bianca Kuttickattu, design director at Vince. “Our customers come to Vince for an interpretation of certain trends, but we know they are shopping at Nike and other luxury brands as well.”

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