Locations, locations, locations!

Written by

Beth Owens


September 13, 2018


Legendary Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma announced a transition to new leadership 10 years in the making that will take place over the next year. Our favorite writeup comes from Forbes.

In summary, A Chinese behemoth that is located in Hangzhou, China that was founded by a teacher has provided the corporate sector with a best-in-class solution for managing corporate governance and leadership succession in a new and refreshing manner.


Amazon expands its reach to the Christmas tree market for the first time, offering full-sized Christmas Trees. It seems unlikely families who already get a tree every year will forgo the ritual of bringing home a handpicked tree, but artificial tree buyers or those who don’t make a solo trip to the farm might be tempted to participate for the first time.

A prescient write-up of how industrial suppliers like Grainger are preparing—or should be—to be caught between Amazon and a growing trade war.


Shopify’s exciting Locations functionality is almost upon us, giving enterprise shop owners a robust toolset to handle inventory arrangements more complex than “out in the garage”. App developers like Whiplash have been busy working to support Shopify since before the closed beta launched on August 1st, and full rollout is expected by early next year.


We’re closing the sales desk to get introspective and focus on our existing customers for Q3.


Savant Supply Chain Congress | Amsterdam | Oct. 2–3, 2018
Internet Retailing Conference | London | Oct. 11, 2018

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