Gadgets up, gadgets down

Written by

Beth Owens


August 9, 2018


Two prominent gadget retailers moving in distinctly different directions represent the rapidly changing landscape of retail and the stark contrast of life on both sides.  Brookstone, the retail outlet long tied to mall-traffic, is shutting its doors. On the other side, B8ta, thinks it’s answered the ‘try-before-you-buy’ conundrum facing physical and online retailers alike—and has 19-million reasons to feel confident it might be onto something.


Amazon might have a good excuse for their 2018 Prime Day outages: more than half the shoppers were first-time participants. Brief downtime for shoppers didn’t prevent the event from being the largest selling day in the company’s history.

Meanwhile, they’re giving LeBron a run for his money as far as keeping the Midwest in suspense. As they narrow down the search for their second headquarters, cities play the incentives game in a highly secretive process.


FedEx: No residential surcharges this holiday season.

Amazon and other retailers unite to defend USPS.


Glossy Forum: The direct to consumer era 10/1, New York City


Announcing: Lot Control, FEFO, and FIFO

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