📸 AR and the year ahead 🕶


Amazon continues to draw suspicion that they plan to bring parcel shipment in-house and out of the exclusive hands of UPS and the USPS. One might come to the conclusion that there’s room for more than two carriers at the table, and Amazon’s logistics play will fill in the internal gaps left by third-party players.

Either way, we learned this week that it’s dangerous to tangle with Bezos. Blackmail is likely off the table as a carrier negotiation tactic.


Tim Armstrong (Google Ads, AOL, Verizon) bets big on our digital direct-to-consumer future with the dtx company. He’s kicking off with six investments in innovators marketing primarily to women: Dirty Lemon, OIive & June, Margaux, Third Love, Argent, and Niche.

The Hustle had a solid write-up this week on the current role of augmented reality in the retail landscape. Not to name names, but those of us with larger than average heads are still waiting for a solution that scales digital glasses properly.


Logistics player Averitt Express’ blog Point to Point released a white paper on the state of the North American supply chain in 2019. Unsurprisingly, retailers don’t tend to have a favorable view of cross-border tariffs—but some of the other findings may be new to you.

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