Amazon takes to the Air

Written by

Beth Owens


December 7, 2018


Amazon grows its airfleet to the dismay of FedEx and UPS investors.

In an effort to capture spending from time-constrained air travelers, Amazon is targeting airports for its checkout-free retail concept.


UPS announces rate hikes for 2019: 4.9% on average to Ground, Air, and International.

The US Treasury Department releases its report on the USPS, calling for overhaul in an ostensible move against Amazon. The task force highlights that the USPS experienced losses totalling $69 billion between the years 2007–2018—and recommends price hikes in its last-mile e-commerce category to help offset. Full report here.

Ocean freight giant Maersk pledges net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


In a move that might be seen to counter Amazon’s push into pharmacy, Walgreens has teamed up with FedEx to offer next day prescription delivery. The Walgreens’ announcement touts the service as “the fastest choice for next-day prescription delivery across the nation”.

Glossier President and CFO, Henry Davis to step down from the beauty DNVB juggernaut by year’s end.


NRF Retail’s Big Show | New York, NY | (Jan 13–15, 2019)
eCommerce Fuel Live | New Orleans, LA | (Jan 23–26, 2019)
Reverse Logistics Expo | Las Vegas, NV | (Feb 4–7, 2019)

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