About Face: Amazon Retreats from NY


About face. Upon further reflection, Amazon will not in fact be building its proposed campus in NYC, after all. Obviously this is a huge development for local stakeholders, community members, real estate developers, tax coffers… There is much reporting on this. Morning Brew has a concise review of the bullets. Also, Axios has a deeper take on Amazon’s failed playbook.

Brilliant. Amazon will debut temporary event-based lockers at Coachella this year (April 12–21). Lockers will be eligible for same day delivery—in case you forget your sunscreen or MDMA at home.


Over the past couple weeks, Shopify has made a couple important announcements for retailers looking to grow international or wholesale channels. Shopify Payments has expanded multi-currency functionality for Plus customers, allowing for real-time conversion, rounding control, and accounting reconciliation. Docs here.

With success, most DNVBs are called by the allure of wholesale distribution (and profits). The jump from D2C to B2B, however, can be particularly painful. It appears there is a good way left to go, but Shopify is announcing new functionality focused on some of the basics of wholesale.


A couple of interesting podcasts from Jason and Scott. One, a deep dive on Amazon’s Q4 2018 earnings—and interestingly, what metrics Amazon prizes when tracking earnings. (Hint: Free Cashflow). A second digs into the emerging space of the D2C alcohol market.


eTail West | San Diego, CA | Dates (Feb. 19-22, 2019)

SHOPTALK | Las Vegas, NV | Dates (Mar. 3-6, 2019)

eCommerce Innovation Summit | San Francisco, CA | Dates (Mar. 20-21, 2019)

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